Sacred Geometry


In this Blog with 7 sections I am showing the basics of SACRED GEOMETRY, to facilitate the understanding of my art.
I am presenting SACRED GEOMETRY in a holistic way, uniting its spiritual and geometric aspects.
All graphic ilustrations are of my own creation.


Since ancient times, it is believed that the entire universe was created according to a specific geometric plan. SACRED GEOMETRY refers to the geometric shapes, patterns, frequencies, proportions and laws that have been observed in the universe, in organic life forms, in phenomena that occur in both the microcosm and the macrocosm and are also found in various areas of human expression, like music and architecture.

The Egyptians, Greeks and Mayans, the architects of the gothic cathedrals, artists like Leonardo da Vinci and others, recognized in nature special shapes and proportions, which demonstrate harmony and unity in themselves. A key aspect that was found in these geometric shapes is symmetry, which allows the existence of the equilibrium: without equilibrium, there is no existence. The ancient cultures that studied these patterns believed, that they repeat in all parts of the universe. Today's scientific studies show that they reproduce the molecular structure that forms the basis of all life in the universe.

SACRED GEOMETRY can also be seen in the Crop Circles found on plantations around the world. It is an open secret that these symbols are not being made by anybody of this planet, but are encoded messages from higher dimensions, transmitted to Earth through Astral Projection. The following pictures show the Crop Circles “Seed of Life” and “Metatron’s Cube”. (See the detailed explanation of these symbols in Menu/SACRED GEOMETRY/Section 4: “The Process of Creation”)

The insights of SACRED GEOMETRY are also very important for science to be able to transcend the materialistic vision. SACRED GEOMETRY can show science the Creator's "hand" - His intelligence, creativity and His love - in all expressions of the universe and thus elevates it to a spiritualized science that can effectively contribute to the creation of an era of peace, harmony, prosperity for all and reconciliation with nature.

Through SACRED GEOMETRY, we can recognize that all life emerges from the same pattern and from the same source: The Creator's intelligent and unconditionally loving creative force. It lets us understand that the human being, Creation and the Creator are all one and thus is freeing us from fear, arising from the feeling of separation.

SACRED GEOMETRY contains many lessons and truths for life. It is important to study it not only with the intellect, but also with the intuitive and emotional capacity, in order to grasp its deeper meaning. For this reason, I am presenting SACRED GEOMETRY in a holistic way, uniting its spiritual and geometric aspects.

Concluding: The geometry, found in shapes, patterns, frequencies, proportions and laws - present in all aspects of the universe - was recognized as the manifestation of the Creator in the process of creation and thus named SACRED GEOMETRY. (See Section 4: "The Process of Creation" in Menu/SACRED GEOMETRY) 

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