Sacred Geometry


In this Blog with 7 sections I am showing the basics of SACRED GEOMETRY, to facilitate the understanding of my art.
I am presenting SACRED GEOMETRY in a holistic way, uniting its spiritual and geometric aspects.
All graphic ilustrations are of my own creation.

2. The FLOWER OF LIFE and its Secret Message

The FLOWER OF LIFE is a geometric figure, composed of 19 circles with the same diameter. These circles are in overlap, with a hexagonal symmetry, creating a pattern of six-petaled flowers, intertwinded with each other, all contained within two larger circles. This symbol is known since ancient times. The FLOWER OF LIFE is inscribed on the ceilings of the Temple of Osiris in Abidos, Egypt and was also found in Masada (Israel), Mount Sinai, Japan, China, India, Spain, Irland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Tibet and Greece among many other places.

The FLOWER OF LIFE is born of the geometric structure of the Seed of Life. The Seed of Life came into existence on the sixth day of Genesis and is the pattern or prototype of any balanced creation. Below on the left is the Seed of Life and on the right it is in overlap with the FLOWER OF LIFE. For more information about this topic see Section 4 in the Blog: “The Process of Creation”.

The FLOWER OF LIFE was extensively studied by Leonardo da Vinci - the drawings below were found in one of his books:

The geometric pattern of the FLOWER OF LIFE is found within many crystals, fruits, flowers, in ice crystals and in every cell of our body. The code of the FLOWER OF LIFE contains all the wisdom similar to the genetic code, contained in our DNA.

All harmonics of light, sound and music are found in this geometric structure. The FLOWER OF LIFE designates the structure that underlies all life, nature, and creation. It is the matrix of the universe, defining the shape of both, atoms and galaxies. It is the foundation of mathematics and the laws of the unverse, linked to the primary source of energy - the Creator. The geometric pattern of the FLOWER OF LIFE is the “Grid of Divine Love”, extending infinitely into all of Creation, which means that the love of the Creator – His Omnipresence – manifests perfectly through this grid.

The Secret Message of the FLOWER OF LIFE
The symbol of the FLOWER OF LIFE is “hiding” the six external circles which complete METATRON'S CUBE (See Section 4 "The Process of Creation” in Menu/SACRED GEOMETRY). Without including these six external circles, it is impossible to construct the Dodecahedron, the Platonic Solid, which symbolizes CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. (See Section 5 "The Platonic Solids” in Menu/SACRED GEOMETRY and my artwork "CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS" in the Portfolio). The graphics below show the Dodecahedron on the left and the FLOWER OF LIFE in overlap with the Dodecahedron on the right, with the six external, red circles that the FLOWER OF LIFE is “hiding”.

Out of fear to lose their power, the mighty ones of this world never wanted this truth to be known, because who is aware of his true, divine potential, never allows to be manipulated or dominated. The FLOWER OF LIFE – in a hidden way – reveals this potential, which was hold in secret throughout human history. See below my artwork “THE SECRET MESSAGE OF THE FLOWER OF LIFE” (Brazilian Version):

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