Sacred Geometry


In this Blog with 7 sections I am showing the basics of SACRED GEOMETRY, to facilitate the understanding of my art.
I am presenting SACRED GEOMETRY in a holistic way, uniting its spiritual and geometric aspects.
All graphic ilustrations are of my own creation.


METATRON’S CUBE is in fact a three-dimensional formation of equal spheres. For simplicity, I am showing the two-dimensional version here:

METATRON’S CUBE consists of 13 circles (blue). Six equal circles are placed in a hexagonal pattern around a central circle, with six more circles extending along the same radial lines. The center of each circle is being connected with straight lines (red) with the center of each of the remaining 12 circles, forming this symmetrical geometric pattern of 39 straight lines.

The circles represent the feminine, while the straight lines represent the masculine. Thus, METATRON’S CUBE represents the union of male and female polarities to create the foundation for the existence of the universe. Observing how you get to METATRON’S CUBE, you can say that the FLOWER OF LIFE is in the “uterus position” that gives birth to METATRON’S CUBE. For this reason, this connection between the two symbols is always very visible and present in my arts.

The graphic below is showing the FLOWER OF LIFE giving birth to METATRON’S CUBE: The FLOWER OF LIFE is in overlap with METATRON’S CUBE.  For more information about the topic, see Section 4 “The Process of Creation” in Menu/SACRED GEOMETRY.

METATRON’S CUBE in its turn is giving birth to all the forms that exist in the universe, which are the blocks for the construction of all physical matter, also known as PLATONIC SOLIDS (For more information about the PLATONIC SOLIDS see Section 5 in Menu/SACRED GEOMETRY). These three-dimensional shapes appear throughout creation, from crystals to DNA. METATRON’S CUBE is the living map of the whole creation of our reality and shows us the millennial truth that all life emerges from the same origin, from the same center, based on the same geometric patterns, from the unlimited energy of the Creator. Below, see the five PLATONIC SOLIDS within METATRON’S CUBE:

Ancient peoples worked with the symbols of SACRED GEOMETRY and tried to use them to understand the divine truths behind all of existence. In mystical Judaism, especially in the Kabbalah - a Jewish mystical doctrine that seeks to understand the essence of God and the universe - the Archangel Metatron is the supreme angel, who regulates the flow of Divine Energy in the form of a mystical cube, known as METATRON’S CUBE. Metatron supposedly formed this cube from his soul.

Today we know that Metatron is not an unfolding of the Creator as the Archangels are. He was classified as an Archangel because of the inexistence of a name to be given to him in that era. Metatron is known in history as Enoch here on Earth, therefore he could more correctly be called an Ascended Master – a concept that did not yet exist at that time – instead of an Archangel.

Metatron is dealing with everything relating to spirituality. He is responsible for the Akashic Records and for the evolution of the incarnated souls. Thus, he is responsible to keep the souls on the way of evolution and to offer us what we need to know for our evolution.

The activation of METATRON’S CUBE
How can we come to Metatron? Who is interested can do the activation of METATRON’S CUBE in your heart, because it aligns your purpose, your spirituality, your process of evolution and it protects us from the outer world. Having the Cube activated, we can always ask Metatron to show us the way to follow. Here is the link for Brazil for the activation of METATRON’S CUBE: (Other nations: check the internet, there are many options).

Ice Crystals and Metatron's Cube
It is very beautiful to see, how ice crystals follow exactly the hexagonal pattern of METATRON'S CUBE. There is always an internal and an external hexagon! Here are some examples:

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