The Energy of Archangel Michael (Version 2)

The Energy of Archangel Michael (Version 2)

Meaning of the artwork:
This artwork displays the energy of Archangel Michael and was done based on my personal experience with him. The main color of his energy is blue. The sword symbolizes his power to protect us and his capacity to separate us from any ill-qualified energy and situation. The Libras respresent his teaching about equilibrium: To be within this world, but not to be of it. The four orange Tetrahedrons symbolize the fire, which is another element that characterizes Archangel Michael: the fire destroys everything, which is of negative energy (an orange flame is attached to each Tetrahedron). The dark blue border symbolizes the protective mantle he offers us.

This work is for the person who feels affinity with the energy of Archangel Michael and is conscious of the protection and guidance that we can receive from him.

Description of the artwork:
METATRON'S CUBE is composed of the thirteen blue circles, connected with the blue lines and is overlapping the grid of the FLOWER OF LIFE.

TechniqueHand drawing with color pencil and pen on paper Fabriano 220g
Size 1: 86cm x 85cm (with frame and anti-reflective glass)
Size 264,5cm x 64cm (with frame and anti-reflective glass)

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