The Secret Message of the Flower of Life

The Secret Message of the Flower of Life

Meaning of the artwork:
The artwork (Brazilian version) displays METATRON'S CUBE with the FLOWER OF LIFE in its center. The FLOWER OF LIFE is “hiding” the six external blue circles, which complete METATRON'S CUBE. Without the assistance of these six external circles, it is impossible to construct the Dodecahedron, the Platonic Solid that symbolizes CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS (See Section 5 in the Blog: "The Platonic Solids”).

CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS can be practiced when the masculine and feminine aspects within the human being are liberated, activated and in complete balance between them: it is like a child, which is born from the loving and harmonious union of a father and a mother. CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS is the attitude to always see the Divine Essence in each being, to love unconditionally, to not judge, but only observe the situation of life with empathy regarding the lesson that needs to be learned
. CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS is the most divine potential of the human being. Out of fear to lose their power, the mighty ones of this world never wanted this truth to be known, because who is aware of his true, divine potential never allows to be manipulated nor dominated. The FLOWER OF LIFE – in a hidden way – reveals this potential, which was hold in secret throughout human history. The words in the artwork, surrounding the Flower of Life: “YOU WILL DO WORKS GREATER THAN MINE”, are referring to the words of Jesus in John 14:12-14, where he too is referring to this divine potential of the human being. The decrees in the four corners: “I AM LIGHT” and “I AM LOVE” also refer to this same potentialThe rainbow - as a symbol of hope and promise - is indicating that we are living in the Golden Age, where man can finally become conscious of his true, divine potential, free himself of the veils that suffocated the consciousness, free himself of any illusion and oppression and totally change the destructive course of this world!

This artwork is for the person who feels affinity with the secret message of the FLOWER OF LIFE and likes to spread the energy of this magnificent symbol in his/her surroundings. 

Description of the artwork:
The FLOWER OF LIFE is displayed within METATRON'S CUBE, which is overlapping the grid of the FLOWER OF LIFE.

TechniqueHand drawing with color pencil and pen on paper Fabriano 220g
Size 1: 86cm x 85cm (with frame and anti-reflective glass)
Size 264,5cm x 64cm (with frame and anti-reflective glass)

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