Water and Ascension

Water and Ascension

Meaning of the artwork:
To demonstrate the process of spiritual ascension of the human being I chose the element water. Water passes in a natural way through the solid (ice) – liquid (water) – and gaseous (clouds) stage, which can be understood as a process of ascension from a dense dimension to a spiritually elevated dimension. The four water-green fish swimming upwards are also symbolizing the ascension process that always takes us to higher dimensions.

In the corners and in the center there are ice crystals, representing the densest dimension. These crystals always follow perfectly the hexagonal pattern of Metatron's Cube.

Around the center, the blue and water-green tones represent water and following the edges, the salmon and purple tones represent clouds, simbolizing the most elevated dimension.

This work is for the person who recognizes him/herself within the ascension process and is consciously working to elevate his/her vibrational pattern.

Description of the artwork:
METATRON'S CUBE is composed of the 13 blue circles, connected with the blue lines and is overlapping the grid of the FLOWER OF LIFE.

TechniqueHand drawing with color pencil and pen on paper Fabriano 220g
Size 1: 86cm x 85cm (with frame and anti-reflective glass)
Size 264,5cm x 64cm (with frame and anti-reflective glass)

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