The Artist

Thomas Schramli

My name is Thomas Schramli, born in Switzerland in 1954. I moved with my family to Brazil in 1996 and I love this blessed nation.

In 2013 I started to study Sacred Geometry, including the Flower of Life and Metatron's Cube as its key elements. (see the Blog) The divine energies and truths contained in these symbols fascinated me and I felt a deep inspiration to start designing Metatron's Cube in 2019. The idea was, to design the Cube together with the Flower of Life, the energy grid that gives birth to the Cube.

Gradually the idea was born to combine the geometric shape of Metatron's Cube with a spiritual message, to transform the divine geometric shapes into a special and unique artwork.

As Sacred Geometry speaks to the divine essence that all human beings have in common, I am sure that these creations can be embraced and inspire people beyond any difference in religion, philosophy of life, race and nationality.

Thomas Schramli